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Our story

We had been running an e-commerce store for more than four years and found that we needed to improve the way it operated. It was great to have an online presence, but we struggled with the day to day operations – everything from customer follow-up, management of orders and even accounting. It just became too much to juggle outside of our core business, which was a traditional bricks and mortar office supply company.

Quite frankly, our online store became a bad joke in the company because of the constant management headaches.

Even with all the issues, we didn’t give up on our online endeavors, sales grew, and we started to recognize opportunities outside our traditional sales model. We felt there had to be a better way to address these challenges while increasing our pace.

Therefore in 2011, we started Vextras to address problems by creating integrations between our e-commerce store and some of the software apps that we already used to run our business.

Our vision became to streamline all the areas of our organization through a solution that would be scalable to any online retailer.

In the spring of 2012, after nearly two years of development, we launched our first public beta and continued for about six months. When the beta program closed in the fall, it was exciting to learn that we were not alone with our internal challenges. We had processed thousands of orders using our flagship apps (Briefcase and Postmaster), and the feedback we got from our clients became a tremendous motivator for us. Today, we’re obsessed with eliminating the vast array of redundant tasks that go along with running an online store.

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