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A traditional sales cycle for businesses with only a physical footprint usually leads to a product being ordered and delivered to a client. Undoubtedly, there are steps along the way to build a product, pass quality checks, navigate various logistical stages, pre-delivery communications, and finally, the delivery.

With our tools designed for brick and mortar businesses that don't have an online presence, you can trigger e-mails and keep customers informed. Create as many triggers as needed, and it's fully customizable to your business. Stop wasting time on the unknowns and automate timely communications with your customers.

A scalable communication workflow that's tailored to your business

We're helping traditional brick-and-mortar retailers by introducing a tool that sends messages to their customers using various criteria customized to their business. With Cartmojo, you can e-mail order updates to your clients based on a specific order status, trigger automated messages like invoices, manufacturing updates, product directions, and much more.

Keep your customers in the loop. Trigger e-mails when a product gets built, passes QA, gets shipped, or any other scenario you can imagine.

Drive sales and deliver superior customer service

In a world where e-commerce dominates most conversations around the evolution of modern retail, traditional brick-and-mortar operations remain vital to the local economies. So, why should the "offline" way of doing business be seen as outdated and prevented from using automated tools that online store owners enjoy?

We want to change this.

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